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CBUSR-150Single Reference comb, 1.5 mm, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 and Tetra Cell, pkg of 54Xpackage of 5266.00 EUR More
CHDSR-100Single Reference well comb2X1 Unit268.00 EUR More
MAT132NSnap Cap Tubes, strips of 8250 strips of 8262.00 EUR More
GBU050-5Spacer Plate w/0.5 mm spacer, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 & Tetra Cell3Xpk of 5273.00 EUR More
GBU075-5Spacer Plate w/0.75 mm spacer, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 & Tetra Cell3Xpk of 5282.00 EUR More
GBU100-5Spacer Plate w/1.0 mm spacer, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 & Tetra Cell3Xpk of 5273.00 EUR More
GBU150-5Spacer Plate w/1.5 mm spacer, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 & Tetra Cell3Xpk of 5273.00 EUR More
MJA200-08Stainless Steel Clips, 2 inches2X8 unit250.00 EUR More
FC-783Strip of 8 Flat Caps4X120 strip266.00 EUR More
MAF300ThermalSeal film for PCR2X100274.00 EUR More
MAF800ThermalSeal RT films for Real-Time PCR, 2 mil thickness100280.00 EUR More
MAF310ThermalSeal sterile film for PCR2X100322.00 EUR More
2OK-100Thermocycle Testing Kit, 100 tests100 tests285.00 EUR More
2OK-500Thermocycle Testing Kit, 500 tests500 tests721.00 EUR More
THM500ThermoMix 5001 pack2178.00 EUR More
MAF550ThinSeal film, ultrathin, for ELISA, EIA, and similar assays2X100280.00 EUR More
MAF560ThinSeal film, ultrathin, sterile, for ELISA, EIA, and similar assays, Sterile2X100298.00 EUR More
FSB1520-6Trans-Blot Fiber Foam Pads, 15.5 x 20.5cm3Xpack of 6264.00 EUR More
FSB915-4Trans-Blot Fiber Foam Pads, 9.5 x 15.2cm3Xpack of 4285.00 EUR More
FSB2728-2Trans-Blot Plus Fiber Foam Pads, 27 x 28.5cm3Xpack of 2267.00 EUR More
MAF400TuffSeal film for processing, storage & transport of samples2X100284.00 EUR More
MAF410TuffSeal film, sterile, for processing, storage & transport of samples3X50294.00 EUR More
TLL-100UltraBright Large Format LED Transilluminator1 pack1093.00 EUR More
TLL-200UltraBright Large Format LED Transilluminator, Dual Wavelengths1 pack1148.00 EUR More
TLL-300UltraBright Large Format LED Transilluminator, Triple Wavelengths1 pack1193.00 EUR More
TUL-100UltraBright Large Format UV Transilluminator1 pack1148.00 EUR More
UPK20-125UltraPure Proteinase K, 1.25 mls2X1.25 mls266.00 EUR More
TLB-01UltraThin LED Illuminator1 pack677.00 EUR More
TUL-200UltraThin UV Transilluminator1 pack705.00 EUR More
SWP-01UltraThin White LED Panel1 Unit386.00 EUR More
V1517-UPWUpper Platinum Wire Replacement for V15-172X1 pack346.00 EUR More
V16-UPWUpper Platinum Wire Replacement for V16 and V16-21 pack286.00 EUR More
GDR-590-FUV Filter for Imagel2X1 pack318.00 EUR More
A1-G-UVTUVT Gel Tray, 13cm x 25cm gel size1 pack321.00 EUR More
A2-G-EXGTUVT Gel Tray, 20cmW x 25cmL gel size1 pack314.00 EUR More
HZH4-UVT20UVT Tray for H4 and Horizon 20-25, 20 x 25 cm1 pack288.00 EUR More
HZH5-UVT14UVT Tray for H5 and Horizon 11-14, 11 x 14 cm1 pack264.00 EUR More
V1517V15-17 Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis System1 pack1182.00 EUR More
V16V16 Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis System1 pack888.00 EUR More
V162V16-2 Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis System1 pack918.00 EUR More
A1-G-WALL-150Wall Comb 1.5 mm thick2X1 pack276.00 EUR More
A2-G-WALLWall Comb, 1.5mm thick2X1 Unit268.00 EUR More
DWW-025Water, deionized, Dnase & Rnase free, sequencing grade, 25mls10X1 pack330.00 EUR More
DWW025Water, deionized, Dnase & Rnase free, sequencing grade, 25mls10X25 mL330.00 EUR More