Catalog noProduct nameSizePrice 
83-496GFX PCR DNA and Gel Band Purif,GE# 28-9034-71250 Preps/Unit662.00 EUR More
45-104High Capacity Hor. Gel Box,26 x 32cm1 Gel Box/Unit1082.00 EUR More
11-270HGHis Affinity Gel,Zymo Research14 ml/Unit316.00 EUR More
45-105Horizontal Gel Box, Low Buffer,10 x 8cm1 Gel Box/Unit571.00 EUR More
33-610Horizontal Gel Electro. Box,7 x 10cm1 7x10cm Gel Box/Unit534.00 EUR More
33-611Horizontal Gel Electrophores,12 x 14cm1 Gel Box/Unit611.00 EUR More
33-612Horizontal Gel Electrophores,23 x 14cm1 Horizontal Gel Elec/Unit829.00 EUR More
33-613Horizontal Gel Electrophores,23 x 21cm1 23x21cm Gel Box/Unit986.00 EUR More
33-128XLarge Gel Casting Tray Set,For Gel XL System1 Set/Unit94.00 EUR More
33-600LGTLarge Gel Tray Set, 12.5x12cm,For Enduro XL2 Sets/Unit82.00 EUR More
92-800LE407 pH Electrode,Plastic, Gel Electrolyte1 Electrode/Unit168.00 EUR More
92-812LE427 IP67 pH Electrode,Gel Electrolyte1 Electrode/Unit421.00 EUR More
92-804LE437 pH Electrode,Gel Electrolyte1 Electrode/Unit294.00 EUR More
92-811LE438 IP67 pH Electrode,Plastic, Gel Electrolyte1 Electrode/Unit307.00 EUR More
92-806LE438 pH Electrode,Plastic, Gel Electrolyte1 Electrode/Unit258.00 EUR More
45-103Maxi Horizontal Gel Box,20 x 20cm1 Gel Box/Unit936.00 EUR More
45-109Maxi Vertical Gel Box,20 x 20cm1 Gel Box/Unit1718.00 EUR More
45-120Midi Horizontal Gel Box,10 x 10cm1 Gel Box/Unit358.00 EUR More
45-101Midi Horizontal Gel Box,10 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm1 Gel Box/Unit539.00 EUR More
45-106Midi96 Horizontal Gel Box,10 x 12cm1 Gel Box/Unit651.00 EUR More
83-799MIGHTY SMALL DUAL GEL CASTER,GE# 80-6146-501/Unit550.00 EUR More
45-100Mini Horizontal Gel Box,7 x 7cm & 7 x 10cm Trays1 Gel Box/Unit507.00 EUR More
45-108Mini Vertical Gel Box,10 x 10cm1 Gel Box/Unit908.00 EUR More
45-110Mini Vertical Gel Box/Blotter,10 x 10cm1 System/Unit1499.00 EUR More
83-419MINNIE GEL UNIT WITHOUT COMB,GE# 80-6052-641/Unit536.00 EUR More
83-420MINNIE GEL UNIT, 8 WELL 7X10CM,GE# 80-6052-451/Unit626.00 EUR More
45-101DAMMulti Sub Midi, UV Tray Dams,for Midi Gel Box2 Dams/Unit119.00 EUR More
45-116MultiSUB4, multi-level Gel Cha,with external caster for 4 gel1 Gel Box/Unit1579.00 EUR More
31-435myGel Mini Electrophoresis Sys,Complete system includes gel b1 System/Unit597.00 EUR More
45-103NENegative Electrode,for Maxi 20cm Gel Box1 Electrode/Unit176.00 EUR More
83-236NONBACKED GEL KIT,GE# 11-0002-931/Unit2968.00 EUR More
83-714PHAST GEL HOMOGENEOUS 12.5,GE# 17-0623-0110/Unit233.00 EUR More
83-715PHAST GEL HOMOGENEOUS 20,GE# 17-0624-0110/Unit233.00 EUR More
83-713PHAST GEL HOMOGENEOUS 7.5,GE# 17-0622-0110/Unit233.00 EUR More
83-705PHASTGEL IEF GEL COVER, PKG OF,GE# 18-0083-012/Unit208.00 EUR More
33-123XPorous Support Pad,For Labnet Gel Dryer1 Support Pad/Unit153.00 EUR More
33-631XPositive Electrode, 10mm,For Gel Exelutor1 Electrode/Unit113.00 EUR More
33-632XPositive Electrode, 20mm,For Gel Exelutor1 Electrode/Unit113.00 EUR More
33-670XPower Supply for GEL XL Plus,1 Power Supply/Unit1 Power Supply/Unit485.00 EUR More
33-600PSPower Supply,For Enduro Gel XL1 Power Supply/Unit463.00 EUR More
33-539XPreparative Comb Set (4),For Standard Gel Casting Set1 Comb Set/Unit97.00 EUR More
83-326PROC PLUS GEL STAIN 19X29 CMPL,GE# 80-6444-801/Unit2008.00 EUR More
83-327PROC PLUS GEL STAIN 29X35 CMPL,GE# 80-6445-181/Unit2294.00 EUR More
33-600BPReplacement Banana Plugs,For Galileo Gel Boxes1 Plug/Unit80.00 EUR More
33-611GSKReplacement Gaskets,for 12 x 14cm Gel Tray2 Gaskets/Unit69.00 EUR More
33-634GSKReplacement Gaskets,for 9 x 11cm Gel Tray2 Gaskets/Unit69.00 EUR More
45-101LIDReplacement Lid, No Cables,for Midi Gel Box1 Lid/Unit200.00 EUR More
24-113Round Gel Tip, 0.57mm, Steri,Standard Compatibility2 Racks of 96 Tips/Unit85.00 EUR More
24-112Round Gel Tip, 0.57mm,Standard Compatibility2 Racks of 96 Tips/Unit79.00 EUR More
33-129XSmall Gel Casting Tray Set,For Gel XL System1 Set/Unit101.00 EUR More
33-600SGTSmall Gel Tray Set, 12.5 x 6cm,For Enduro XL2 Sets/Unit84.00 EUR More
31-440SBDSmartDoc w/ Blue Light Illumin,Gel Documentation System1 System/unit741.00 EUR More
31-440SmartDoc,Gel Documentation System1 System/unit741.00 EUR More
33-600CS2Standard Casting Set,Gel XL Accessory1 Set/Unit218.00 EUR More
33-257XStandard Gel Casting Set,For Gel XL System1 Set/Unit302.00 EUR More
45-102STTrio Hor. Gel Box, Stretch,20 x 20cm, 15 x 20cm1 Gel Box/Unit783.00 EUR More
45-102Trio Horizontal Gel Box,15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm, 15 x 15cm1 Gel Box/Unit767.00 EUR More
14-129UltraMicro Gel Loading Tip,Polypropylene5 Racks of 204 Tips/Unit127.00 EUR More
14-130UltraMicro Gel Loading Tip,Polypropylene, Sterile5 Racks Of 204 Tips/Unit127.00 EUR More
33-618UVTUVT Gel Tray w/ End Gates,for 33-6181 Tray/Unit232.00 EUR More
33-619UVTUVT Gel Tray w/ End Gates,for 33-6191 Tray/Unit246.00 EUR More
33-620Vertical Electrophoresis Gel,10 x 10cm; Double Sided1 10x10cm Gel Box/Unit922.00 EUR More
33-621Vertical Gel Electrophoresis,20 x 10cm1 20x10cm Gel Box/Unit1698.00 EUR More
33-621WVertical Gel Syst Water Cooled,20 x 10cm1 Gel Box/Unit1821.00 EUR More
11-300HTZR-96 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recove,Zymo Research2 x 96 Preps/Unit322.00 EUR More
11-301HTZR-96 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recove,Zymo Research4 x 96 Preps/Unit572.00 EUR More
11-300CZymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit,Capped columns50 Preps/Unit156.00 EUR More
11-301CZymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit,Capped columns200 Preps/Unit444.00 EUR More
11-300Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit,Uncapped columns50 Preps/Unit155.00 EUR More
11-301Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit,Uncapped columns200 Preps/Unit428.00 EUR More
11-351Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery Kit,Zymo Research50 Preps/Unit207.00 EUR More