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V7131Gel Drying Film, 25.5 x 28cm,100 sheets2X100 feuille272.00 EUR More
V7120Gel Drying Kit2X1 kit330.00 EUR More
E3050Gel Shift Assay Core System100 réaction512.00 EUR More
E3300Gel Shift Assay System100 réaction653.00 EUR More
E3581Gel Shift Binding 5X Buffer5x200 µl523.00 EUR More
E3521HeLaScribe Nuclear Extract Gel Shift Assay Grade3×40 µl349.00 EUR More
N3020Nano-Glo In-Gel Detection System100 ml345.00 EUR More
A7660Vac-Man Jr. Laboratory Vacuum Manifold, 2 samples4X1 each274.00 EUR More
A7231Vac-Man Laboratory Vacuum Manifold, 20 samples1 each341.00 EUR More
A6752Wizard SV Gel and PCR Clean-Up Start-Up Kit, Continental Europe1 each1222.00 EUR More
A9281Wizard SV Gel and PCR Clean-up System2X50 preps346.00 EUR More
A9282Wizard SV Gel and PCR Clean-up System250 preps580.00 EUR More
A9285Wizard SV Gel and PCR Clean-up System1000 preps1617.00 EUR More
A2122x-tracta Gel Extractor, 100/pack2X100 /paquet258.00 EUR More
A2121x-tracta Gel Extractor, 25/pack10X25 /paquet300.00 EUR More